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For Real Kiwi Adventures

Safety First

Your safety and enjoyment is our top priority

Our experience is your greatest asset

With over 30 years experience in showing peope from all over the world the joy of off roading you could not be in better hands!

We are partnered with world leaders Yamaha to provide top of the range buggies for your driving pleasure and safety. All buggies are fitted with seatbelts and roll cages. Before you set off on your buggy adventure we’ll fit you with helmets, eye protection and gloves. A briefing and training will be a carried out with all drivers and your experienced guide will lead you for the duration of the tour. 

We provide helmets, eye protection and gloves.

We utilise top of the range Yamaha machines.

Each driver must drive within their own comfort and ability levels and we will adjust the tour accordingly. 

Each driver must be 18 years of age or older with a full driving licence. 

A basic understanding of the English language is required for self drive tours.

Are you ready for adventure?

We have the perfect machines, and access to Queenstown’s beautiful back-country, so that you can take in the South Island’s stunning landscapes and views.

Self-drive or guided, you decide!